Conservative Philosophy, Strictly Interprets the Law, Never Legislates from the Bench

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Bill Harris Judge, 233rd District Court

Bill Harris was born in Fort Worth and with the exception of his three years in law school at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, he has been a proud, life long resident of Tarrant County. Bill and Cathy married in 1975, the day after he graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and two weeks before he became an Arlington police officer. Bill left the police department in 1979 and together, Bill and Cathy financed and managed law school and a career that followed.

Governor George W. Bush appointed Bill as Judge of the 233rd District Court on April 21, 1995. Following his unanimous confirmation by the Texas Senate, Bill assumed the office to which the voters of Tarrant have since elected and re-elected him four times.

During that time, Judge Harris, a lifelong Republican with a conservative judicial philosophy, has worked hard to build a reputation for fairness and for efficiency.

Judge Harris has put together a team that includes an Associate Judge, a Court Coordinator, a Court Reporter and two Tarrant County Sheriff bailiffs that daily do the hard work required to keep his docket moving so that litigants in these tough and often very emotional family law cases can have their say in court and move forward with their lives. Recognizing the challenges faced by the litigants and the lawyers who represent them, Judge Harris has always insisted on a high level of "customer" cooperation among his staff, who have always won high praise for their efforts.

Judge Harris typically presides over more than 3,000 cases per year and has the highest rate of monthly dispositions and lowest pending caseload of any comparable court in Tarrant County.

Combined with the fact that Judge Harris’ court has the lowest budget of any of the comparable courts, this means that his per case costs to the taxpayers are the lowest in the County.

Judge Harris is a recognized legal scholar. He frequently speaks at family law conferences for the State Bar of Texas, the University of Texas continuing legal education programs, the Texas Center for the Judiciary, and many local education programs for family lawyers

Judge Harris has presided over some of the most difficult and complicated cases in the recent history of Texas family law. His decisions have been affirmed by the Texas Courts of Appeal from Fort Worth to El Paso and the Supreme Court of Texas and most recently he was affirmed in a landmark decision to protect the rights of parents and children receiving child support from those that would delay and frustrate that right.

Judge Harris is a Patriot and a treasurer of the Second Amendment - the one that makes the others possible, who loves this country, his State and the Constitutions of both. Many local Republicans would tell you that he was a ‘Tea Party’ conservative before that term was invented. What anyone may choose to call him, Judge Harris identifies himself as an ardent follower of President Ronald Reagan and his fearless philosophy.

Judge Harris is truly a traditional family man. Bill and Cathy have celebrated 38 years of marriage and are the proud parents of two sons, one an Iraq Freedom Marine veteran, the other a recruit in training at the Fort Worth Police Academy."

Judge Harris is seeking re-election this year and would appreciate your support.


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